Belev Echad offers an array of programs, continuously increasing and expanding to meet the needs of the communities we serve, including:

Shiurim for Israelis – Over fifteen moshavim benefit from a variety of Torah classes that we present every month. Offering classes on a wide variety of topics, we aim to provide our students with the tools they need to embrace the mitzvos and begin to build their homes with the Torah lifestyle as their guide. Some of our most popular classes address topics such as Tefillin, Shabbos and Taharas Hamishpacha. Those attending the shiurim are often completely unfamiliar with these concepts, and even the most basic introduction has led to remarkable changes almost immediately.

Rav David recently wrote that “hundreds of families and their ‘Jewish identity’ are depending on Belev Echad for their continuous growth and spiritual development.”

Shiurim for the Growing Anglo Community– Over the past year, Belev Echad has begun a brand new and exciting initiative to benefit the blossoming Anglo community in the Bet Shemesh area: a beginners Gemara shiur taught exclusively in English. Held twice a week at Beit Medrash Torani Leumi (BMTL) in the Givat Sharett neighborhood of Bet Shemesh, the shiur has quickly attracted a dedicated collection of men interested in finding a regular environment for learning at an acceptable level and in their native tongue. BMTL is a congregation largely made up of Native English speakers under the leadership of Rabbi Avishai David. Rav David recently wrote that “hundreds of families and their ‘Jewish identity’ are depending on Belev Echad for their continuous growth and spiritual development.”

A Torah Summer camp – Targeting young Israelis, our popular and growing summer program offers campers an opportunity to learn while having fun. Learning programs are conducted in the mornings, while the afternoon is spent in innovative travel programs around the country as well as fun activities including hiking and swimming. The learning programs are specifically catered to the campers’ levels and center around many introductory yet inspiring topics. Separate classes for different age groups are offered on a variety of topics including T’filin, the 39 Malochos of Shabbos and shechita. The classes are interspersed with lectures and videos to encourage interest within the campers who seek to learn more and begin practicing what they learn in the camp.

Shiurim for Women– Belev Echad offers many specific classes directly aimed at women. Focusing on the topics which most directly affect them and peak interest including Taharat Hamishpacha and Kashrut, we have succeeded in educating hundreds of women on the many moshavim we cater to. In turn we have seen remarkable results as these mothers begin leading their families towards the path of Torah and mitzvoth.

Siyumim– We make a concerted effort to recognize the achievements of those who participate in our classes by celebrating their accomplishments and offering them the understanding that Torah is a way of life that brings with it satisfaction and enjoyment. As such, we coordinate many siyumim throughout the year that allow those who are new to learning, as well as those who aren’t- to appreciate the beauty that is the completion of a certain sefer or mesechta and get them on the road to the next great accomplishment.

Children’s Classes– We make every effort to offer our communities to include all family members in our educational programs and we therefore offer classes specifically geared to the interests of children and teenagers. These classes are offered by educators.