get involved

Choose from our curated opportunities to secure a part in fulfilling some of today’s most pressing mitzvot: spreading ahavat chinam and bringing Jews back to Torah.


Live nearby? Join a shiur one night on any of our 35 moshavim.

Taste the special warmth of the connection between rav and students. Watch moshav members’ eyes light up as they thirstily drink Torah in. Speak to the incredible people – on both sides of the divide – rebuilding unity in Klal Yisrael.

Touring in the area? The Mateh Yehuda region bursts with exciting historical sites. Visit the Elah Valley, where King David vanquished Goliath, or the caves of Beitar where Bar Kochva’s rebels hid. Along the way, stop in at a nearby moshav, experience a shiur, and make a difference to this latest exciting chapter of our nation’s history.


Become a Rav, Rabbanit, or Madrich.

Speak Hebrew fluently? Live in the area? Have a passion for sharing the beauty of Judaism? Get in touch with us to apply as a Belev Echad educator or mentor, so you can join the frontlines of the revolution of unity and holiness taking place on our moshavim.


Moshav-shul partnership

Your kehilla learns, davens, and grows together. Join forces with Belev Echad to collectively help another kehilla – on a secular Israeli moshav – do the same. Get heartwarming updates about the growth occurring on “your” moshav. When you visit Israel, pay a visit to “your” Israeli kehilla and nurture the achdut you sparked with your partnership.

Sponsor a Program

Target your impact. Become the proud sponsor empowering an eager group of men, ladies or youth to reach higher. Review our programs list, choose the option most meaningful to you, and reap the reward for their Torah and Mitzvot both in this world and the next.