Bringing Torah back to Eretz Yisrael, one moshav at a time

Building religious infrastructure, guidance, and transformation in secular towns in central Israel

After 2000 years scattered through the world, we're living the fulfillment of a dream

Millions of Jews have streamed home to settle our precious Land.

But a painful shadow mars that dream

Vast numbers of the Jews helping our land bloom physically are desolate spiritually.

“Real yishuv Eretz Yisrael is only possible when the people are holy and unite with the holiness of the Land.”


– Rabbi Zev Leff



26 years ago, an avreich from Beit Shemesh embarked on a mission to bring these numbers down.

Beit Shemesh was a becoming religious stronghold. But the surrounding moshavim told a different story. Founded by penniless religious Sephardic immigrants in the mid-20th century, the towns were unable to provide Jewish education for their children. Two generations later, their descendants were struggling economically and all but fading spiritually.

Widespread ignorance of Jewish fundamentals treasured by their grandparents

Low-income environments pushing teens toward crime and drugs

Antipathy and suspicion toward Torah and religious Jews

Rabbi Kohn had a vision: to mobilize the religious manpower of Beit Shemesh to spread Torah to surrounding moshavim and draw their members close.

And Belev Echad Leachdut was born.

25 years later, Belev Echad brings 35 moshavim:

A full schedule of Shiurei Torah and
Jewish education catering to every
age and stage
Ongoing personal mentorship for
every individual seeking help
with Jewish growth
Robust youth programming to provide
healthy structure and instill deep commitment
to Torah living
Subsidies and food distribution
to meet pressing needs on
the moshavim

Now, the region has begun to blossom with renewed spiritual life. And you can help it blossom further.

Transform an Individual

From soccer player to Shabbat keeper


Transform a Family

From secular relationship to G-d fearing family


Transform a Community

From “hopeless” secularists to early-minyan sticklers


Transform a Region

“Quote from counsilman about the change in the district”


Transform a Country

With Belev Echad’s vision and your help, it can be done.